looking f o r w a r d.

I am not a huge resolution person, I mean, I make goals all the time, but they are mostly not for public consumption. I tend to keep those my hopes and dreams close to my heart because though my dreams are big, they are delicate. That being said…

This year, I have decided to dedicate myself to my art.

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to participate in two choreographic residencies in San Francisco this year. For the month of January I will be working at LEVYdance as an artist for their Salon where I will show 5 minutes of new work on January 31st, 2015. Starting in July I will be in residence with SAFEhouse Arts which culminates with shows at the beginning of October, 2015.

I am so excited guys! It means so much to be able to have these opportunities. I couldn’t have done it without my parents who have given me unconditional love and support with every decision I made.

More updates will come soon, but I think I am just going to leave it here for tonight. 2015 is really wonderful so far and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring.

xoxo, Rosalia