“Keeping it Together” for the LEVYdance Salon

They were running around climbing in the cubbies, hitting each other, climbing on her, but the thing is, she didn’t lose it. She knew it wasn’t going well by any means, but she kept it together.


The LEVYdance Salon, has afforded me the opportunity to explore my relationship to perfectionism and the ways in which “keeping it together” acts as a means of survival. What does it mean to navigate the space between protecting yourself and the vulnerability that comes with facing your own failure?


She didn’t lose it until she turned on the car to drive home. Waves of disappointment washed over her until she could no longer keep it together.

Is this what growing up feels like? 



Catch Rosalia's UNFINISHED PEOPLE performing her new piece, Keeping it Together, at the LEVYdance Salon on January 31st, 2015. More information here.