“Is your work always this political?”

It was the end of a very long audition. I was at ODC auditioning for the NYU MFA program in Dance. The two people running the audition looked up at with me with sleepy eyes after I had finished dancing.

“So… is your work always this political?”

I was caught off guard. I had never before thought of my work as political.

I was led into the choreographic process through felt movement, embodied performance, and personal narrative by Joe Goode during my undergraduate years at UC Berkeley, but I had never sought out to try to *make* political work. I work to subvert a heteronormative narrative based on my lived experiences, but I don’t really have an agenda, it is more like story telling…. and doesn’t everyone do that?

It became blatantly clear that as a person of color, centering the narrative of my dances around my lived experiences, I am participating in a radical act of resistance.

So I was waitlisted, but I ended up at NYU anyways, in as a graduate student in the Performance Studies Department. I wish I could say, and then I fit in perfectly, my happily ever after, but it has been incredibly difficult. It has been a HUGE learning curve for me, especially since the PS Theorists I studied in undergrad were different and NYU has been all about liveness and ephemera as evidence which once I figure out what it meant, I absolutely loved.

So speaking of evidence… I am participating in my friends’ show, “Evidence” next Friday, Sept 23rd @ 7pm at the Kraine Theater.”

Evidence” is a new multidisciplinary performance series featuring NYU Tisch’s Performance Studies cohort(s). The name ‘Evidence’ draws upon José Muñoz’s seminal ‘Ephemera as Evidence.’ With his presence deeply missed in the department, his influence on the staff and students still lingers. We saw his potential for queer world-making and Utopia as a call left unanswered.


My submission is my solo piece, “And other ways for her to be QUIET”.  I won’t describe the piece right now, but for a little preview of what you might see, please enjoy SILLY GIRLS:

SILLY GIRLS from Rosalia Lerner on Vimeo.


and the answer is  yes, my work is always political. 

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